Rum Old Monk 7 YO

Bottles volume:  0,7L.

Volume : 42,8%

Producer: „Mohan Meakin Ltd”, India.



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Old Monk Rum is quality dark rum made by traditional method, blended for 7 years. In the manufacturing process of Old Monk Rum only the original rum mixtures are used, some of which may be 50 years old. This ensures the original Old Monk Rum taste that has remained genuine for nearly a century.

The sweet aroma of the beverage has the notes of caramel, chocolate, ripe peach and vanilla. The taste of Old Monk Rum is not as sweet as the sweet aroma may refer to.

Although the beverage has 42.8% alcohol by volume spirit, it has a soft taste. Besides the dominant flavor of roasted coffee beans and vanilla also spicy hints provided by storage of rum in the charred oak barrels can be felt. The color of Old Monk Rum is deep brown-black and it has a creamy consistency.

Unique handy bottles are handmade. Therefore, each of them is slightly differences.

Old Monk Rum is the only one that does not fall over in the boat. The ancient seafarers’ drink will stay in upright position in even in the very stormy weather in any watercraft thanks to the low and wide form of the bottle.